"Heal the sick, and tell them, "The Kingdom of God is near you".
Luke 10:9
The New Village Movement International (NVMI) seeks to multiply teams and villages for God to BLESS: B: Body—physical healing; L: Labor—material and financial healing; E: Emotion—inner healing; S: Social—relational healing; and 
S: Spiritual healing through POUCH.

New Village Cell (NVC) is a cell that develops servant leaders or lay pastors or lay missionaries with God's vision through POUCH method.

 POUCH stands for:

Participative welcome, worship, life sharing, and study
Obedience to the Bible as the sole measure of success
Unpaid cell leaders
Cell-based multiplication of disciple makers
Healing the total areas of life simultaneously

To develop the leaders with God's vision, we need to be willing to "offer our bodies (all that we are) as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship (service)" (Romans 12:1), which includes offering your time and privacy in serving others. The fruit of the sacrifice is the Jesus-centered life.